Investment Opportunities

It is rightly said ‘today for tomorrow’. This means it is important for everyone to plan today to be secured tomorrow. May it be employed or self-employed, should invest according to their capacity to be secured for the future. At CreditZilla we give our clients multiple options from ownership investments to lending investments according to their need.

Ownership Investment

Now that you know some basics about investing and ways for your money to invest, it’s about time to learn the types of investments that are available.

Equity or ownership investing means becoming a partial owner of a company or piece of property through the purchase of investments such as stock, growing mutual funds & ownership investments.

Our advisors & traders can assist for

  • Equity & Stock Market
  • Commodity Markets
  • Forex Currency Market

Lending Investment

You simply loan your money to someone (e.g. a startup, company or project) and get an agreed-upon return. You invest larger sums of money and invest for longer periods of time to earn more. If you want to learn more about these investments, you can refer our industry experts.

  • Strategic Consultants
  • Investment Banker
  • Mentors

Real State

Investing in the largest marketplace for discovering, buying and selling real estate. Includes rural real estate site with farms, residential homes, homesites for vacation, recreation or investment. This connects more active buyers and land owners with the best local real estate professionals every month.

  • Bank/Government Valuator
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Financial Assistance
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