Save for Future

The importance of saving is inculcated in the mind of every Indian since childhood. Rich or poor, everyone wants value for money. Here at CreditZilla we try to do justice by your side and get your best offers that will not only save your money but also be valuable for your money. We have a range of categories to choose the saving coupon or offer.

Short Term

Short Term Savings is a stash of money kept aside to cover the financial surprises life throws your way. These unexpected events can be stressful and costly. Here are some of the top emergencies people face: Job loss. Medical or dental emergency and many more.

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Mid Term

Medium-term savings are asset holding period or investment horizon that is coming between two things, Savings & Earning. When the funds can be used for other goals, or whether a lump sum or an income stream is the desired result.
The exact period of time that is considered medium term depends on the investor's personal preferences, as well as on the asset class under consideration.

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Long Term

There are several types of long term savings accounts to choose from, and one may be more appropriating than another, depending on your savings goal: Based on the account, there may or may not be restrictions on when you can withdraw the money, and some long term savings accounts also offer tax benefits.

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